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We can only ever perceive fragments of the world in which we try to find meaning for our lives. My art works in a variety of media are always concerned with conjuring up a sense of these unfathomable depths, while at the same time making a scrap of information tangible. Drawn or painted pathways or cuts made by scissors or a saw create pulsating contours. Internal structures may be inspired by real or fantastic worlds, preferably in combination, and harness age-old symbols that may be recognizable across different cultures. Perhaps it is possible through art to make subtle and playful references to the insoluble conundrums of human existence?

lion-chimera odyssey, 2017


My drawings are in a state of flux, constantly swapping motifs and odd shapes and squiggles. Each attempt is executed fast, often to a background of music, but only a few achieve that magical moment when an idea becomes a work of art.

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digital silkscreen

Being able to colour drawn lines and surround them with colour at the same time through digital means has opened up new playing fields, through which ancient deities wander – with Alice.

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wood reliefs

My drawings may be cut out of wood and layered to take up real space. At the surface of the reliefs the worlds within and without meet and enter into a dialogue.

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Painting on traditional rectangular canvases has remained part of my art practice over the years as I experiment with different ways of integrating drawing into painting and creating a sense of depth with delicate colour combinations.

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