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artist, independent scholar, writer

I enjoy taking a line for a walk (Paul Klee). Exploiting a scrap of information from reality, my hand wanders through labyrinths of possibilities. The amorphous explorers that emerge embody this probing of the environment in which they find themselves, with tentacles, feelers, sensitive nodules and spikey protrusions. Recently, I have allowed them to embrace precise data drawn from the creations of the old masters, from scientific diagrams and maps. These are images that are shaped by data outside my own mind – by another artist’s hand, through a physical process, by the lapping waves of the sea.


„Verwandlung ist ein zentraler Begriff bei Celia Brown, Mehrdeutigkeit Programm. CB deutet neu und anders, assoziert und fabuliert. Den changierenden Bedeutungen entspricht ein flirrendes, in der Regel auf Bewegung angelegtes Linienwerk. Jede Linie schwingt in sich und im Rhythmus mit anderen. Mal ergeben sich klare Verbindungen, mal verlieren sich die Pfade in rätselhaften Labyrinthen.“

Dr. Gudrun Selz, 2018


Metamorphosis is central to Celia Brown’s practice, ambiguity always implied. She interprets anew and otherwise, associating and confabulating. The shifting meanings correspond to a shimmering mesh of lines, usually dynamically construed. Every line pulsates of itself and rhythmically with its neighbours. Sometimes clear connections emerge but at others the paths lose themselves in enigmatic labyrinths.

Dr Gudrun Selz, 2018